Soft Lip Liner waterproof
Soft Lip Liner waterproof  

Soft Lip Liner waterproof

Waterproof lip liner






The specifically developed formula of the Soft Lip Liner makes it extremely long-lasting. After drying, it is wiping-resistant and waterproof. So it prevents the lipstick from bleeding. The pleasantly creamy texture assures a simple and precise application. The Soft Lip Liner can be shaded out directly after application and is characterized by an especially good colour coverage and high opacity.

Contains natural antioxidants and vitamin E. Fragrance-free.

$16 rrp

Detailed information of the ingredients can be found here:

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  • Draw the lip contour and then, apply a lipstick or lip gloss. After using, thoroughly close the pencil in order to preserve a soft and supple lead. Use the special sharpener for this pencil - do not use a sharpener for wooden pencils.