2 in 1 Lacquer
2 in 1 Lacquer  

2 in 1 Lacquer

Base & Top Coat






Transparent, quick-drying 2 in 1 lacquer for your professional manicure.
The base and top coat helps all types of nail look as if they have been painted in a salon.
Applied as a base coat, it forms the ideal foundation for applying the colour coat. It protects the nail plate from discolouration by colour pigments and facilitates the application of coloured lacquer.
Used as a top coat it seals the colored lacquer and thus prevents premature chipping so that it lasts longer. In addition, it protects it from fading due to sunlight and increases brightness for a radiant nail makeup.
The 2 in 1 Lacquer an also be used individually for cared-for, glossy nails. Formaldehyde-free.

$19 rrp

Detailed information of the ingredients can be found here:

ARTDECO makeup   and   ARTDECO care

  • Apply as a base or top coat over or under the coloured nail lacquer.