Lip Liners

Lip Liners
  1. Lip Liners Soft Lip Liner waterproof


  2. Lip Liners Invisible Lip Styler


ARTDECO Lip Liner - actually kissable lip makeup that lasts all day


The ARTDECO Lip Liner ensures that lip makeup be long lasting. Lip liner prevents your lipstick from feathering and bleeding. You can also discreetly use lip pencil to shape your lips. If you draw lip liner close to the contour of your lips, then you can help narrow lips look fuller. To make full lips look smaller, draw lip liner around the inner edge of the lips. Water-resistant ARTDECO Soft Lip Liner is extremely durable and can be easily and precisely applied because of its creamy consistency.Thanks to a wide range of shades, you can perfectly match your lip liner to your lip gloss and lipstick. Invisible Lip Contour smooths over small irregularities while the colorless ARTDECO Lip Liner smoothes and nourishes. For perfect, kissable lips!