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Eye Liners
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High Quality ARTDECO Eyeliner - For Expressive Eye Makeup

Color Intensive ARTDECO Eyeliner

ARTDECO eyeliner and kohl pencils intensify your eyes and help them pop. Did you know that even the ancient Egyptians used eyeliner to adorn the eyelids of elegant ladies? Even inexperienced users can perfectly line their lids with ARTDECO eyeliners because the smooth liner helps color to be easily and gently applied to the delicate eye area. The waterproof Soft Eye Liner and eye pencil ensure a perfect eyeliner that lasts all day. Thanks to a wide variety of shades, you can perfectly match your eyeliner to your individual look. With intense pigments and a radiant luminosity, ARTDECO eyeliner perfectly styles your eyes. ARTDECO eyeliner will transform your eye makeup into a stunning display!