False Eyelashes

False Eyelashes
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  2. False Eyelashes Magnetic Lashes


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ARTDECO False Eyelashes - for exciting moments

ARTDECO False Eyelashes

Conjure up long, thick eyelashes with ARTDECO False Eyelashes and glance seductively! ARTDECO offers natural-looking permanent eyelashes. ARTDECO Permanent Lashes give your eyelashes an irresistible, natural looking volume. When fitted correctly, these lashes last for weeks. Professional tip: always glue on an odd number of individual lashes to make your look more perfect. Create exciting moments with the ARTDECO Lash Strips. ARTDECO fake eyelashes ARTDECO are easily to insert, easy to remove, and can be used repeatedly. Quickly attach the lashes with transparent glue, made especially for artificial eyelashes. Simply apply a very thin layer of glue to the strip of lashes, let the glue dry a little, and then place the false lashes directly above your real eyelashes. Lastly, sweep deep black mascara across your false lashes in order to get the maximum volume out of the lashes.