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ARTDECO Body Lotion - intensive care for silky, smooth skin

ARTDECO Body Lotion

ARTDECO Body Lotion is a beneficial luxury of daily care. Compared to body creams that nourish skin through a high lipid content, ARTDECO body lotions are based on a larger proportion of water and give rich moisture to the skin. ARTDECO offers a selection of fine body lotions that will pamper your body and senses. Body Repair Lotion uses precious shea butter and aromatic oils to nourish your skin. Body Repair Lotion is so moisturizing that it leaves dry skin feeling silky smooth. Conjure up a dream of the South Sea on your skin with Aromatic Body Lotion. The exotic, fragrant ARTDECO body lotion pampers your body with precious oil from Tahiti. The nourishing Sun Touch Body Lotion gives you an irresistible, sun-kissed complexion. The delicate tanning lotion gives your body a natural, even tan. Treat yourself and your skin to exclusive pampering with ARTDECO body lotions!